7.45 – 8.30am
Conference registration (NICAI Conference room foyer) 
-Light breakfast
8.30 8.45am
Arrival of the Guest of Honour
8.45 8.50am
Quran Recitation
8.50 8.55am
Welcoming remarks by NICAI Dean
8.55 9.05am
Welcoming remarks by Chairman of iMaRCA 2012
Prof. Emeritus DatoDr. Wan Rafaei, Chair of Malay Studies,
Victoria University of Wellington
Key Note Speaker 1: Prof. Emeritus Dato’ Dr Abdul Samad Hadi
Title: ‘COMPLEXITY’ IN SUSTAINABILITY: Opportunities in Collaborative Research in Sustainability in the Australasia-Asia Region
9.30 9.55am
Key Note Speaker 2 : Prof. Hugh Byrd, NICAI, The University of Auckland
Title: A Tale of Two Cities: Decarbonising Auckland and Sydney (and Consequences for Other Cities Around the World)
9.55– 10.10am
Morning break and light refreshment
10.10am – 1.00pm
Parallel session 1 .1-1.2
Parallel Session 2.1-2.2
1.00 – 2.30pm
Luncheon & Networking
2.30 – 2.50pm
Key Note Speaker 3:Prof. Ir. Dr.Mahyuddin Ramli, University of Science Malaysia
Title: Development of Innovative Building Materials for Sustainable Construction
3.00 4.20pm
Parallel session 1.3
Parallel Session 2.3
4.20 4.35pm
Light refreshment
4.35 5.55pm
Parallel session 1.4
    Parallel Session 2.4
Saudi-Malaysia Research Studies Conference )
END OF iMaRCA 2012
7.00 – 10.00pm
International Night Dinner
-Speech by Mr. Mohd Erfino Johari, (Director/Counsellor Education) Education Malaysia New Zealand (EMNZ)
-Speech by Saudi Representative